KS3- Year 7 History and Geography

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Knowledge-Organiser-Romans–Anglo-Saxons-and-Vikings Year 6-7

Knowledge-Organiser Normans-History

Knowledge Organiser Norman Conquest-History

Knowledge Organiser-Castles-History

Knowledge Organiser Norman Control-History

Knowledge Organiser-The Black Death-History

Knowledge Organiser-Medieval Monarchs-History

Knowledge Organiser-Rivers-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Map Skills-Geography

Knowledge Organsier-Desert-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Crime-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Fantastic Places-Geography

Battle of Hastings-Quiz-Revision-History

Medieval Realms Quiz-Revision-History

Medieval Realms – Quiz II-Revision-History

Medieval realms-Key terns-Quiz-Revision-History

Domesday Game-History

Domesday Quiz-History

Black Death-Quiz-Revision-History

Black Death-Quiz II-Revision-History

King John and King Richard-Quiz-Revision-History

King John-Quiz-Revision-History

King John-Quiz II-Revision-History

Battle of Hastings=BBC Teach Video-History

Battle of Hastings information

A Young Persons Guide to the Battle of Hastings

Battle of Hastings- revision video

Battle of Hastings-video

Norman Conquest-3 minute Video-History

The Norman Conquest-Video-History

Life after the Medieval Conquest-BBC Teach-Video-History

The Domesday Book-Video-History

Secrets of a Castle-Video-History

Medieval Warfare-BBC Teach-Video-History

Black Death documentary-Revision Video-History

Black Death-Video-History

The black death video

Black Death Information

Black Death 5 key facts-Revision Video-History

Medieval Towns-Video-History

The Power of the Church-Video-History

Peasants Revolt-Part 1-Video-History

Peasants revolt Part 2-Video-History

Magna Carta-BBC Teach-Video-History

Geography knowledge site-Web link

Good revision site on key topics-Web link

National geographic-Web link

Find Out-Web link

Geography Key words-Quiz

Map Skills-Video-Geography

Using Maps-Video-Geography

Using Maps To Work Out Distance-Video-Geography

How To Find a 6 Figure Grid Reference-Video-Geography

Understanding Map Co-ordinates-Video-Geography

How to Read a Map using Grid References-Video-Geography

Stages of a River-Video-Geography


Why do Rivers have Deltas?-Video-Geography

Types of Erosion-Video-Geography

Rivers and Coasts Revision-Video-Geography

The 10 Most beautiful Places in the World-Video-Geography

Amazing Places and Buildings-Video-Geography

Worlds Deserts-Video-Geography



Where does our food come from?-Video-Geography


Rivers II-Quiz-Geography

Rivers and Flooding-Quiz-Geography