KS3-Year 8- History and Geography


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Knowledge Organiser-The Tudors-History

Knowledge Organiser-Gun Powder Plot-History

Knowledge Organiser-English Civil War-Year 8-History

Knowledge Organiser Death of King Charles and the Restoration-History

Knowledge Organiser-Climate Change-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Weather-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Extreme Weather-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Energy-Resources-=Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Glaciation-Geography

Knowledge Organiser Coasts-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Rainforest-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Brazil-Geography

Henry Vii and threats to his reign-Quiz-History

Henry Viii-Quiz-History

Henry Viii and his problems-Quiz-History

Tudor Joust-Game-History

Edward Vi-Quiz-History

Mary I-Quiz-History

Elizabeth the I and key people-Quiz-History

Elizabeth I-Quiz-History

English Civil war-Quiz-History

English Civil War-Quiz-History

Ducking Stool Game-History

The Watchman-Game-History

Tug of War Game-History


Slavery information on the topic

Slavery and America-Quiz-History

Abolition of Slavery-Quiz-History

Middle Passage documentary by Steven Spielberg

Campaign for the abolition of slavery-Quiz-History

King Henry Vii-Video

Henry Viii and his wives-Video-History

Henry Viii and the Church-Video-History

Edward Vi-Video-History

Mary I -Video-History

Elizabeth I- Video-History

Mary Queen of Scots-Video-History

The Court of Elizabeth I-Video-History

Elizabeth I-Part 1 of Video-History

Elizabeth I Part 2 of Video-History

Elizabeth I Part 3 of Video-History

Elizabeth I Part 4 of Video-History

Oliver Cromwell video

Oliver Cromwell- what type of leader was he?

Oliver Cromwell information sheet

Geography Knowledge Site-Web link

Good revision site on key topics-Web link

National Geographic-Web link

Find out-Web link

Renewable Energy Site-Web link

Extreme weather UK-Web link

Rainfall across the UK-Web link


Key words Geography Quiz

Rainforest Quiz-Geography

Climate Quiz-Geography

Inside a Tornado-BBC Teach-Video-Geography

Wild Weather-BBC Teach-Video-Geography

Why does water fall as rain-BBC Teach-Video-Geography

What are Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones-Video-Geography

Weather Instruments-Video-Geography

What are Weather fronts? Video-Geography

What is lightening?-Video-Geography

How do Tornadoes form?-Video-Geography

Typhoon Haiyan-Video-Geography

Wind Direction and Weather-Video-Geography

What are air masses?-Video-Geography

Water Cycle Song-Video-Geography

Renewable Energy-Video-Geography


Different Sources of Energy-Video-Geography

Renewable Energy Explained-Video-Geography



Rainforest I-Quiz-Geography


Rainforest Quiz II-Geography

Rainforest Quiz III-Geography