KS3-Year 9 History and Geography

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Knowledge Organsier 1750 to 1900 -History

Knowledge Organiser-Causes of WW1–History

Knowledge Organiser-Conditions in WW1–History

Knowledge-Organiser—Suffragettes -History

Knowledge Organiser-Democracy V Dictatorship- -History

Knowledge Organiser-WW2–History


Knowledge Organisers Tectonics- Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Globilisation-Geography

Knowledge Organiser-Kenya-Geography

Knowledge-Field work skills-Geography

Britain and industrialization-Key Words-Quiz-History

Industrialization in Britain-Quiz-History


New Inventions Game-History

Victorian crime-Game-History



WW1 Vocaulary-Quiz-History

WW1 and the trenches-Quiz-History

Great War Trench Game-History

Trench life information sheet

WW1 trench vocabulary-Quiz-History

Battle of the Somme -Quiz-History

Battle of the Somme-Quiz II-History


Holocaust vocabulary-Quiz-History

The Blitz-Quiz-History

The Blitz-Quiz II-History

Escape from the Blitz-Game-History

Go shopping in WW2-Game-History

Build a bomb shelter-Game-History

Empire Home Front Game-History

World Geography Games-History

Isambard Kingdom Brunel- BBC Teach-Video-History

Gandhi and India’s independence-BBC Teach Video-History

How Britain declared war in 1914-BBC Teach Video-History

Kitchener in WW1 and recruitment-BBC Teach Video-History

Britain’s defeat at Mons in WW1-BBC Teach Video-History

Stories from WW1-Video and web page-History

Women at work in WW1=BBC Teach-History

The lives of WW2 Evacuees-BBC Teach-Video-History

Living through the Air raids-BBC Teach-Video-History

The Atomic Bomb-BBC Teach WW2-History

Rosa Parkes-BBC Teach-Video-History

Geography Knowledge site-Web link

Good revision site on key topics-Web link

National Geographic-Web link

Find Out-Web link

Geography-Key Words-Quiz-

World Geography Games-

Kenya Tourism-Video-Geography


Life in the countryside and city in Kenya-Video-Geography

Tectonics Quiz

Tectonics II Quiz-Geography

Different types of plate boundaries-Video-Geography


Migration Quiz-Geography


Urbanization in India-Video-Geography

Working Life in India-Video-Geography

Coastal landscapes-BBC Bitesize-Video-Geography

What is Coastal Erosion? Video-Geography

Coastal Defences-Video-Geography


Coasts II-Quiz-Geography


Russia II-Video-Geography