KS4 Geography – Human



human geography

2.1_URBAN_ISSUES_AND_CHALLENGES_PLC_- Topics on the Course

2.2_CHANGING_ECONOMIC_WORLD_PLC_- Topics on the Course

2.3.1_RESOURCE_MANAGEMENT_PLC_- Topics on the Course

Key Words in the GCSE Geography Course

Knowledge Organiser_Urban_Issues_and_Challenges

Knowledge Organiser-The-Challenge-of-Resource-Management

Knowledge Organiser-The-Changing-Economic-World


How to answer Questions..

What does each question want me to do?

Command Word Wheel

Mark scheme for 4 and 6 and 9 mark questions

Paper 2 Model Answers Geography

Challenge-grid-Practise Questions-The-changing-economic-world

Challenge-grid-Practise Questions-Urban-challenges

Challenge-grid-Practise Questions-The-challenge-of-resource-management

Revision and Case Study Questions Paper 2

Case Studies and Named Examples (1)

GCSE Geography Command Words- Quiz and Flash Cards- Quizlet

Changing Economic World-Quiz and Flash Cards-Quizlet

Urban issues and Challenges-Quiz and Flash Cards-Quizlet

Paper 2- Changing Economic World-Kahoot Quiz

Paper 2- Urban issues and challenges-Kahoot Quiz

Paper 2-Kahoot Quiz

Top Tips for the Geography GCSE-Kahoot Quiz

GCSE Geography Bitesize Revision material- Web Page

Geography Revision World- Web page

Revision Site Geography- Web page

Case study- Mumbai-Video

Case study Nigeria-Part 1-Video

Case study-Nigeria-How was Nigeria helped to develop?-Video

Case Study-Nigeria-International aid

Case Study Nigeria-impact of growth on people and the environment- Video

Case study-Nigeria-Video

Case study-Rio de Janeiro-Video

Case study-Brazil-Video

Case study-Jamaica-Video

Case study-Economic development in Malaysia-Video

Poor and rich countries-Video

City Slums-Video

Development indicators and aid-Video

Industry and globalization-Video

Sustainable Tourism-Video

Economic Impacts of Tourism-Video

Tourism revision-Video

Changing Urban environment-Video

Changing UK economy-Video

Impact of the changing UK economy-Video

How rural areas are effected by the changing UK economy-Video

North and the South divide-Changing UK economy-Video

Development of agribusiness in the UK-BBC Teach-Video

Resource Management food-Video

Why managing natural resources matter.-Video

Organic Farming-Video

World Energy-Video

Renewable energy

Facts about fracking-Video