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Source A- Vaccination- Edward Jenner

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Health and the People Key Individuals-Powerpoint

Individuals in Medicine- Overview

Hippocrates- Greek Times- Video

Galen- Roman Times- Video

Hippocrates, Galen and the impact of religion on medicine- Video

Medieval Medicine- Video

Medieval developments in surgery and anatomy- Video

Why did surgery become important to medicine?-bitesize-Video

Medicine in medieval times in the Arab world- Video

Hospitals in medieval times- Video

Black Death- Video

Black Death-Causes, Symptoms, Consequences- Video

Public health- In the Middle Ages- Video

Reasons for lack of progress in the Medieval Times- Video

Vesalius-Renaissance- Video

Vesalius, Harvey, and Pare- Renaissance-BBC Teach- Video

The Plague- Video

The Plague- Why?- Video

Sixteenth and Seventeeth century medicine- Renaissance- BBC teach- Video

Edward Jenner- BBC Teach- Video

Pasteur and Koch- Video

Why was the discovery of the germ theory so important?- Video

Eighteenth century Medicine- BBC Teach- Video

Florence Nightingale- BBC Teach- Video

Public Health 1800’s- Chadwick and Snow-BBC Teach- Video

Public health between 1750-1850- Video

Public health-In the 1800’s- Video

Surgery-Lister and Simpson-BBC Teach- Video

Anaesthetics and Antiseptics- Video


Penicillin-Fleming,Florey and Chain- BBC Teach- Video

Nineteenth century Medicine-BBC Teach- Video

Public health- The NHS- Video

How has public health improved from 1948 to the present?- Video

Modern Medicine- BBC Teach- Video

Medicine Through Time-Bitesize revision- Video

Revision key people in Medicine- Video

Revision-Surgery- Bitesize- Video

Factors effecting the development of medicine- Video

Factor s effecting the development of medicine-16M Questions